CCTV Off-Site / Remote Real-Time Monitoring

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What is Off-Site Monitoring?

Our technicians can link any CCTV system to one of our control room centers either over the internet or over a Private Network, where trained personnel monitor camera feeds in real-time. Cameras are monitored over a period either 12 or 24 hour shifts and observed activities are reported on according to the client's mandate.


How can Off-Site monitoring help you?

With correctly installed security cameras, offsite monitoring is almost like having your own virtual security guard on site, only . . with more advantages, namely;

  1. Monitoring personnel can detect and immediately report - breaking & entering, robbery, theft, trespassing, unauthorized access & activity, violence, fires, excessive weather, ill performing security guards and other staff;
  2. Off-site monitoring is far more cost-effective than on-site security guards;
  3. More often than not, crimes are committed with the assistance of a person who works at or for the target and often this person is on-site security personnel. With an off-site monitoring solution, this person is removed from the equation.
  4. When an incident occurs, the monitoring personnel will escalate the alarm to the relevant authorities or response units ie. Armed Response, SAPS, Metro Police, Paramedics, Fire Department, Business Manager. The monitoring personnel will also compile a logged report including relevant video footage for further procedures.