electric fence installation

Electric Fence Installation

No entry electric fence installation

Have you ever wondered what type of electric fence installation you would need to secure your home? With so many types and variations attached to the walls of homes, complexes and estates it can be hard to decide. We’ve seen everything from barbed wire fences to broken glass bottles glued to the top of walls – Scary! Sometimes I wonder to myself if they are meant to keep people from coming in or from leaving!

If you were wondering what the best electric fence installation would be to keep the bad guys from breaking in and stealing that most prized antique vase of your grandmothers, or that band new Nurti-bullet you finally managed to accrue with all

of your accumulated e-bucks points, then here is the difference….

If you already have Walls…

electric fence installation


  1. Wall top electric fence installation – This is the most common type of installation as most South African homeowners already have walls surrounding their property. As if this was not enough to keep the burglars out, we top the walls with electric fence to make it even harder to climb over! These types of fences will vary in length from 6-line to 12-line electric fence. Choosing the correct amount of lines will need to be determined by the height and breadth of your wall. For e.g.: If your wall is shorter and quite wide at the edges, enough for someone to stand on comfortably, you will need a slightly higher and angled electric fence installation to challenge the burglar enough that jumping over will not be an option. If your wall is higher with a smaller width then of course the opposite will apply.

If you have Palisade…

electric fence installation

  1. Piggy Back electric fence installation – This is an electric fence that will be installed and attached to the side Steel Palisade, Concrete Palisade, Concrete walling, or Diamond Mesh Fencing. This is any type of barrier that would be easy to break and climb through. Although this provides an effective security solution, this option is not as visually appealing to most homeowners as a wall top fence, however your safety should always be prioritized over the visual appeal of your landscaping.

Lastly for those who don’t have much but the grass separating your home from that of your neighbors (or from that of the pavement) then this would probably be the best option for you…


electric fence installation


  1. Free standing electric fence installation – This is ideal for larger homes or plots, either to surround the perimeter of the property or to separate your home or land from that of your neighbors. It is also used largely in game farm perimeters as it is a cost affective way of securing your property without any walling. This type of electric fence installation can also be done in such a way that it does not endanger animals or children playing at the bottom that may touch the fence wires by accident, where instead of shocking the it will simply alarm, where anyone trying to climb over the top will be zapped at the sound of a security alarm!

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