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Securtec install the following complete alarm systems:
Paradox, Texecom, DSC, IDS.

.. And add-on components:
• Passive Infra-Red Sensors (PIR’s) - Indoor & Outdoor - Wired & Wireless
• Magnetic Door Contacts - Wired & Wireless
• Dual Infra-Red Beams (Transmitter & Receiver) - Generally Outdoor
• Seismic Sensors - Generally fitted to windows to detect glass break
• Smoke Detectors - Wired & Wireless
• Panic Buttons - Wired & Wireless
• Keypads - Wired & Wireless
• Sirens & Strobe lights - Wired & Wireless
• Expansion Modules – Wired & Wireless Zone Expansion


It is very important to conduct an extensive security audit before proposing the installation of an alarm system.
Ensuring the correct components and programming criteria are selected to best match the requirements, is essential to effective security.

Any alarm system can be configured to report to a security control room via radio or telephone.

An alarm system can also report directly to a cellular telephone via SMS using a GSM module. Similarly SMS’s can also be sent to the alarm system from a cellular telephone commanding certain actions such as ARM or DISARM or to silence a siren.

Paradox Alarm Systems can be linked to an application (app) on a smart phone (android or iphone) where the entire system can be viewed and controlled remotely.

Alarm systems can also be - and often are - integrated entirely or partially with many other security systems such as CCTV Systems, Electric Fence Systems and Access Control Systems (Maglocks & Gate Motors)

alarm systems johannesburg